Statement regarding coronavirus

Updated : Tuesday 14 April, 2020


In order to prevent the transmission of coronavirus, the Government has stipulated that people must stay at home (and may leave their home only for very limited purposes) and in particular that they should not meet friends or relatives who do not live in their home. Further, the Government has made it clear that people who are 70 years old and over, and those who have an underlying health condition, are likely to be more seriously affected if coronavirus is transmitted to them, so it is even more important that people in those categories are protected.  Many of the residents living at the Great Hospital are vulnerable to coronavirus on the basis of this criteria.


Consequently, in order to comply with these obligations and to protect our residents and staff from harm from coronavirus, no visitors are permitted to enter on to the Great Hospital site.  If you believe that there are exceptional circumstances which require you to visit the Great Hospital, you must, before entering on to the site, discuss the situation with the Great Hospital’s Care Manager, Anne Loveday (whose email address is and telephone number 07503644300) or its Deputy Care Manager, Starr Redwine (whose email address is and telephone number 07721886039).


Andrew Barnes, Master and Chief Executive of the Great Hospital.